National Gallery of Art for Kids
NGAkids Art Zone features online art activities, highlights of
the National Gallery’s collections, an animated tour of the
Sculpture Garden, and more.

NGAkids Jungle
Create an imaginary landscape with NGAkids JUNGLE. Mix and match
the animals, control the weather and lighting conditions, or
construct flowers, trees, and plants. JUNGLE is inspired by the
paintings of French artist Henri Rousseau.

Design Your Own Navajo Rug
Design your own Navajo Rug at this Arizona State Museum website.

Mr. PicassoHead
Create you own “Picassohead” at this interactive site.

Gorgoyles and Grotesques
Explore the website of Walter S. Arnold, sculptor and stone

Matisse for Kids
Baltimore Museum of Art online activity

Heraldry for Kids
Create your own coat of arms