Learning Expectations

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My goal when designing a class’ curriculum is to work with the standards for Visual Arts for Elementary and Middle School aged students that can be found here. Based on those standards, I create projects that stimulate the students’ creativity and try to keep it fun, too! Art is different than Math in that, there is technically no “correct” answer. There are techniques and proper uses of materials that each artist is encouraged to practice, but when creating art pieces, sometimes the outcomes are limitless. We are challenged to evoke emotions, describe textures, engage the senses, and build connections with an unknown audience. All I require is for students to show up eager and excited to create!

Ms Cueva’s Three Commandments:

  1. RESCPECT | In the Gospels, Jesus says the only commandments that matter are “love God” and “love your neighbor”. My commandments are exactly the same. This means we don’t use God’s name in vain. We don’t disrespect our classmates. Bullying has absolutely no place in our classroom. And of course, we respect ourselves!
  2. CLEAN | Please keep our room clean. If you use something, put it away exactly how you found it. Nothing should be left in the sink at the end of class. Pick up all supplies off the floor before leaving.
  3. COME PREPARED | It is important that each student brings a pencil, eraser, and sketchbook (grades 3-8) to each class. My Mom always says, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”


Students from TK-5th grade will be graded on their mastery of the techniques taught during each project. Students in 4th-8th grade will also be graded on their completion of their weekly sketchbook assignments. Their progress will be noted on the “passport” page of their sketchbook. Middle School students will have additional grades for citizenship.