Learning Expectations

Art Class Expectations


My primary goal will be to help students experience and appreciate art and the beauty of the world around them, and to lead them to discover unique and constructive methods of self expression.  We will explore the elements and principles of visual art and design and experiment with various materials and processes.  Students will develop skills and vocabulary for looking at and discussing art as we periodically delve into the works of significant artists.   We will also examine the cultural and historical contexts in which art is created, integrating our art lessons with the general curriculum whenever practical.  Our art classes should be a comfortable safe environment where students can enjoy learning and creating.

Student Expectations:

I have only two expectations of my art students:

  1. Respect.  Students should behave respectfully toward me and toward their classmates.  Respect also encompasses proper care of tools, conservation of materials and supplies, and maintenance of a clean and orderly classroom.
  2. Effort.  Students should make their best effort in following instructions and completing assignments.


Each student will earn two grades for art class:

  1. Responsible Behavior will be based on coming to class prepared and behaving appropriately.
  2. Assignments will be graded based on a student’s grasp of the concepts presented and on completion of the assignment to the best of his or her ability. The following criteria will be used:
    1. Effective use of the elements and principles of design.
    2. Creativity/Originality.
    3. Effort/Perseverance/Attitude.
    4. Craftsmanship/Skill/Consistency.

I will be using SchoolSpeak to record grades.  Assignment grades will be posted as they are graded, but the behavior grade will not be computed until the end of each trimester.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  My school email address, which is posted on the school website, is rsmith@stellamarisacademy.org.  I am excited about the year ahead and the adventures and opportunities it holds.

Rachel Smith