Congratulations! Stella Maris Students included in La Jolla Music Society Art Exhibit

The Education Director of the La Jolla Music Society has chosen the following music-themed works of art to be part of an exhibit on Fay Avenue in La Jolla.  The works will be displayed along the covered sidewalk outside the construction site of The Conrad Performing Arts Center.

Clara Garrison – Kandinsky’s Circles

Isabella McKenna – Kandinsky’s Circle

Belen Lamuno – Kudos to Kandinsky

Owen Fretwell – Kudos to Kandinsky

Stevie Turquand – Kudos to Kandinsky

Thiago Valagao – Kudos to Kandinsky

Braden Del Muro – Abstract Guitar Collage

Ripples Turquand – Abstract Guitar Collage

J.C. Bosque – Imaginative Instruments

Shianne Emrani – Imaginative Instruments

Michelle Moreau – Imaginative Instruments

Brianne Wieczorek – Imaginative Instruments